Holy Communion CW Rite A Trad

Sunday - This 8.00am service is for the early risers amongst us. A quiet service with no music or singing which uses traditional language. Includes a short sermon and Holy Communion.

Wednesday - This midweek 30 minute service follows the same style as the Sunday version, yet there is no sermon and coffee is shared.

Holy Communion CW - Modern

After you are warmly welcomed and the service begins with a prayer. Throughout this service there is singing, both hymns or modern worship songs. A sermon is included of 10-15 minutes, along with sharing the peace by shaking hands with one another. Towards the end of this one hour service the minister blesses the bread and wine which is then offered to members of the congregation, alternatively a prayer of blessing is offered to those who would prefer. After the service we share coffee and biscuits in each others company. We welcome families and children to the service Younger children may enjoy the toys and books in our children's spaces.

Holy Communion CW BCP

8.00am - A quiet  service using traditional forms of language from the seventeenth century, loved by many who have grown up with this type of service. Lasting 50 minutes, including a sermon and prayers, this is a spoken service with no music. 

10.00am - This service takes the same format as above but includes hymns.

Prayer and Praise service

All are welcomed to Prayer and Praise, which focuses on a different theme, changing for each service. The theme informs the talk, activities, hymns/worship songs and bible readings.


This service follows a traditional style of worship using psalms, hymns and canticles. (Canticles are poems based on words from the old testament) This service will include a sermon and prayers for individuals and the world. This service would appeal to those who enjoy traditional worship and lasts for 1 hour.


This informal 50 minute service see people gather together in an informal cafe style gathering to enjoy music played by a visiting group, singing, activities and table talk discussions. Coffee and croissants are enjoyed by all during the service. Each service is based on a theme and the activity is designed to be engaging for all age groups. In Winsley the service is held in the church hall and in Bradford on Avon it is held in Christ Church.